So, I don't know about you, but since I don't use the devils' browser, I really haven't been too concerned about the upcoming (now here) EOLAS update which impacts Flash. When the update was rolled out and my project manager noticed the change on a client site, it was time to correct it.

So I took a look at Adobe's Active Content Developer Center and was surprised at how simple their fix was. Luckily my company's CMS system has a custom tag to spit out the code for Flash SWFs. All I had to do was modify that. The code change in question could not be simpler, I mean, look at this:

<script> AC_FL_RunContent( 'movie', 'filenameWithOutSWF', 'width','48', 'height','1516', 'id','myidiscoolerthanyourid'); </script>

Shoot, even if this IE change had not happened, this would have been a useful little script to get Flash onto a page.

I just wanted to make sure people knew about this fix. I was actually surprised by how fast I was able to fix the client's code with this.

One little note. I wasn't sure how to handle FlashVars. I thought they were special and the JavaScript code that Adobe provided didn't have a way to handle them. Duh. FlashVars are just one more property. Here is a modified version of the code above.

<script> AC_FL_RunContent( 'movie', 'filenameWithOutSWF', 'width','48', 'height','1516', 'id','myidiscoolerthanyourid', 'FlashVars','msg=DharmaWasHere&station=Swan' ); </script>

Truly simple and elegant solution. Thanks Adobe!