Today I'm happy to announce the beginning of a new contest. This contest specifically targets Adobe's new ColdFusion IDE, ColdFusion Builder. The contest officially begins March 22nd and runs for 30 days. Submissions will be judged starting May 1st. As before, Adobe is stepping up to provide some nice prizes (details below). This contest will be a bit different than the previous "Best of ColdFusion 9" contest. Since we are talking about a desktop program as opposed to a web page, we are going to be a bit more loose in what types of submissions will be accepted. The main theme of this contest is "Educate and Expand". Entries should either help people introduce ColdFusion Builder to their day to day development or help them expand the basic functionalities of the IDE itself. Therefore we will be having two "Grand Prize" winners - one for a "Educate" track and one for an "Extend" category. Entries could be videos or tutorials for the user unfamiliar with the Eclipse platform. Entries could be extensions that add functionality you think is missing from the IDE today. Anything that helps people either learn or make use of ColdFusion Builder is fair game.

Judging will (probably :) be a multi-user affair as before with myself serving as the final decision maker.

Prizes will include a copy of ColdFusion 9 Standard and ColdFusion Builder for the best entry in both the Educate and Extend category. Runner ups (4, 2 for each track) will each get a free copy of ColdFusion Builder. As before, Adobe will also try to give a little something to all of the entrants.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions should be for new content.
  • Submissions should remain offline until after the contest. Obviously you own what you create, but while the contest is being judged, we ask that you keep your submission offline until it is officially judged. At that point it will be available for download from my blog and you can share it on your blog/web site/etc as well.
  • In terms of submissions that are ColdFusion Builder extensions, if your code does not out of the box, the judges will make their best effort to get it to work correctly, but you are expected to test well before submitting.

Good luck!