Notes from Tuesday's Keynote

As before - pardon any mistakes, odd grammar, etc. And as my battery is on fumes, there won't be a lot if I have to actually - lord forbid - write with a pen and paper.

Bruce Chizen is up. Speaking of the difficulty of being in charge of a large public company. So why does he put up with all of the pain? Great story - he talked about being back stage at a Dave Mathew's Band concert and the ligthing/tech guys were raving about Adobe products. Ended off saying it is the community that is inspiring Adobe and their employees.

Keven back up - today's product focus is Servers, Services, and Tools.

Servers: (Hmm, do I smell some ColdFusion coming up?) Steven Webster is up now - speaking of Experience Matters. (Um, did I miss the server stuff?) Ah sorry - there we go. Talking about the experience of the back end - what happens 'behind the glass'. Going to focus on LiveCycle ES. (New name for CF? Kidding of course.) Talking about the wide range of services LiveCycle ES can provide. Demoing Eclipse based builder working with a form. Apparently they can scan a paper form and turn it into a rich form (pdf form), which is pretty nice. Rights Management. Example - MFG (manufacturer company) send two requests to two suppliers - shows how the supplier must enter a username/password to read the PDF, and talks about how they can prevent printing/emailing. Supplier A is awarded the contract - rights management can now prevent supplier b from reading the document anymore. Now talking about process (workflow) overview. "Workspace" - flex based app to see what items are available in your workflow. UI is changeable. LC ES has a free developer edition. Kevin is back - and talking about how this stuff will soon (may be soon) available as hosting services.

Now talking services in general. Scene7 Imaging: (Recently acquired by Adobe.) Doug Mack of Scene7 Imaging is up. Joined Adobe in May 2007. Leading "On Demand" rich media publishing. Enables creation of enhanced website experiences. Dynamically rendered "single master image". (Not getting it so far.) Ah - so talks about creative source (psd, etc) going out to a source like Flash/PDF/Flex. is the example. Hmmm, watches. I love watches. User clicks on watch - and S7 handles rendering the higher end version of the picture. Very, very clear close up picture. Shows grabbing URL from site and viewing it in the browser. A change to a URL variable results in a new result. Ie, resizing picture by just changing url params. Next demo is a custom uniform builder. Shows different jersey styles, colors. Shows adding text, and the text wrapped perfect on the model's body. Next he puts a logo on - and it is on the shoulder and rendered perfectly. Very nice. Now he is going to grab a logo from the desktop. Using MAX logo. He adds it to the uniform and it's rendered in real time. Print version shows a very good, very detailed version of the uniform. Now showing prototype QVC AIR application. Pretty well done.

Next presenter is going to talk on SHARE. (Yes, it's all caps.) Let's you share files. (Did you guess that?) Access files anywhere from the net. Free 1 gig of support. Works well with large files. Let's you pick a file to share - who to email it to - and what type of access permission is enabled for the resource. Demo curse! Error on upload. Hah. That's never happened to me. Really. Um. Anyway. Ouch - two times bad luck. Third times the charm. SHARE does virus scan on upload and makes thumbnailing. FlashPaper is used for the preview. You can also embed a SHARE preview into your blog posts. That is darn nice and I can see my using that. (I'll try to do a demo later this week.) I'm curious how well it would work with Powerpoint/Keynote. Yes - they have REST APIs! ColdFusion wrapper coming soon! ;) They are shipping AS wrappers as well. Showed a Flex app that integrates with SHARE.

Next up is Pacifica. Voice - Messaging and Presence support for Flex. Demo shows remote talking/video. Looks like Connect so far. Now sharing a video together. Main focus though is on voice experience.

Next up is CoCoMo. And I'm down to 14 minutes battery. As I just got the warning, I'm going to sign off for now. My very early quick opinion of CoCoMo is that it seems to be Connect related pods to help with real time data, user presence, etc, and will be something you can use in your site (again, this is all about services).

I'll add some comments later for anything important I missed.