Things have been a bit hectic since the holidays and the launch of my new business (which has a name now, I'm actually incorporated). I haven't run a CFJUG (ColdFusion Jedi User Group) in a while and it's definitely time! So the next meeting will be very important for newbies out there (my favorite crowd). I'll be discussing ColdFusion Data Types. In general it is pretty easy to work with different types of data in ColdFusion - Arrays, Structs, Lists, etc. But sometimes it isn't easy to tell which to use and when. So this session will help you understand the various types of data within ColdFusion and help you to properly use it. (Keeping in mind that a lot of this is personal preference of course.)

So I've got the topic - but no date yet. April is crazy mad, but I'm thinking it will be in one of the last two weeks. Can I get a comment from folks who could attend? (And with no date, I understand if you can't make it when it is officially scheduled.)