Chain letters must die. I must obey the chain letter.

Total Volume (of my MP3 library): 55.8 GB

Last CD Bought: Guero, by Beck, although I bought it at iTunes. I can't remember the last physical CD I bought.

Song Playing Right Now: I'm listening to a sreaming Internet radio station, "Mostly-Classical" on The current song is Bach - Violin Concerto 2 in E.

Five Songs I Listen To a Lot:
How Long - by Out Hud
Mr Brightside - by The Killers
10 Dollar - by M.I.A.
Everything Counts - by Depeche Mode
What You Waiting For - by Gwen Stefani

Five People to Whom I'm Passing the Baton:

  • Rob Brooks-Bilson
  • Doug Hughes
  • Ben Forta
  • Simon Horwith
  • Christian Cantrell