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I try not to repost stuff covered at other CF blogs, but I just had to share this. Mike Nimer has an article about a product that lets you wireframe Flex/Flash Form stuff in Visio. Darn nice stuff!

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Comment 1 by Ryan posted on 11/30/2005 at 8:59 PM

Hey Ray, you've got a typo in Mike's name. Just a heads up.

Comment 2 by Raymond Camden posted on 11/30/2005 at 9:03 PM

Fixed, thanks!

Comment 3 by Nathan posted on 11/30/2005 at 10:58 PM

Hey, since you're pretty good at getting the word out you might want to let people know that the current release of Firefox 1.5 breaks the Macromedia Flash Detection Kit. No flash content shows up, nor does the flash alternative. This even breaks macromedia.com.

Comment 4 by tony of the weeg clan posted on 12/1/2005 at 1:46 AM

ray can code his ass off... but his spelling... well, leaves a little to be desired :)

i owe you one.

Comment 5 by Raymond Camden posted on 12/1/2005 at 1:47 AM

Nathan, I'm not having any problems on macr.
Tony, you owe me more than that. Scw splling.

Comment 6 by Nathan posted on 12/1/2005 at 9:04 AM

The windows version of Firefox 1.5 (released this week) with popup blocking on. I guess the popup blocking injects some code into the javascript that cases an error. I can't blame them too much, people have been using flash to create popup ads that most blockers cant catch.

Comment 7 by Chris Velevitch posted on 12/1/2005 at 9:17 AM

I was under the impression that a wireframe is a very simple skeleton of the application. The wireframe has NO graphics, and is focused only on fleshing out the application flow and business logic that the client is looking for.

It sound like what you are discribing is a visual mockup tool.

Comment 8 by Darren posted on 4/1/2006 at 9:39 AM


The product Ray is talking about is indeed a visual mockup tool, however, in Visio (as well as some other tools) the drag n drop design elements are resizable using endpoint and handles and are many times created using vector graphics - lines (wires) connected to lines (more wires) through endpoints - hence the term "wireframing." This makes creating and changing visual mockups extremely fast and easy. Incidentally the tool Ray spoke of can be found at http://www.digimmersion.com