HS+ Snippets and CFMODULE Workaround

I use cfmodule almost exclusively for my custom tag calls. The problem with that is that HS+ won't let you write a VTM for custom tags used w/ cfmodule. Phil Costa at Macromedia reminded me that HS+ 5.5 supports snippets that can prompt you for values. This is useful for me as I need help remembering the syntax for my custom tags. Once I actually have the code on the page I'm normally not too concerned with help when editing. So, by using a snippet and having it prompt for the values I use I can get the functionality I want. Here is an example that calls one of the core tags in Element, our CMS:

<cfmodule template="/$$Mapping/customtags/coapi/object.cfm"

Each use of $$FOO will create a prompt. Each use of $${FOO:list} will give me a drop down. (Actually this is better than a simple drop down - you can use one of the defined values or type your own.)

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