(Ok, forgive the title for sounding like an Enquirer title.) I was speaking to Forta this morning, and he suggested I make a way to share my TB spam list. I tend to get hit daily with 4-5 TB spams, and I update my online list daily to help fight it. If you want to use my list, you can now copy it from this url:


I'm not making it hot since I don't want spiders to hit it. Also, I guess it is possible for a spammer to use the list to figure out how to get around my blocks, but let's be honest, most spammers are complete idiots along with being the scum of the earth.

This list is 100% dynamic, so you can check it weekly to get the latest version. (Or daily if you want.) You will also notice a bit of redundancy. I plan on "cleaning" the list before the next official release.

Lastly, there are some bad words in the list. We are all adults here, but I wanted to warn folks in case they are behind a strict firewall.