Sys-Con announces end of CFDJ

So I'm a bit late today, but various people have reported the death of CFDJ:

Michael Dinowitz
TJ Downes
Sean Corfield

I think I like the attitude of Sean's the best. I'm biting my tongue a bit about this one as I had a friend on the staff there, but in general I've been as disappointed with the magazine as everyone listed above. Like TJ, I'd like to see Sys-Con back up their statements (normal Sys-Con web site warning applies).

I know that many people spent a lot of time trying to write good articles for the magazine. I'd encourage them - and all readers of CFDJ, to pick up the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update. This is a superbly written magazine with the toughest editors alive. A years subscription is 50 bucks. For 75 bucks you can get a years subscription and all the old issues. This is CHEAP folks! I cannot recommend FAQU enough. If you take one bit of advice from me this year - then please take this and pick up a subscription today.

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