So far iPhone 2.0 is.... DOA

This post is more than 2 years old.

Ugh. So I was really excited about the new iPhone 2.0 firmware. In fact, I had already grabbed a bunch of apps yesterday so I could sync as soon as possible. So far though it looks like my iPhone is dead.

On the first attempt to update, I got an unknown error. I then tried a restore. The restore "worked" as far as I know. iTunes said it was done and was going to restart my iPhone. On restart, the iPhone is now stuck in a "Slide for Emergency" mode where I can only make (I assume) 911 style calls. iTunes sees the iPhone, but gives me zero control over it. It is stuck "Accessing iTunes Store..." which makes me just a tiny bit mad that my phone is sitting here in brick mode essentially while trying to hit a store that is probably getting tons of traffic.

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