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So, a few days ago I posted about the issues I was having with My.Yahoo. I decided to try contacting them one more time. I was very clear in my messages to them that this was my 5th or so time, and that all I really wanted was a response. If they didn't believe me, that was fine.

Just tell me.

So, at the same time, I actually IMed the guy using the morpheus account. He tells me a friend just gave him the account. I told him it had been hacked away somehow, but obviously he didn't believe me.

Well, last night a stranger IMed me. He said the morpheus account was deactivated for violation of TOS. I guess that kinda makes sense then. What I don't get is how Yahoo couldn't take 2 seconds to drop me an email. I took the time to fax them, answer all their questions, and they can't even respond. Thanks guys.

Now if I can only find a portal as good as Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Comment 1 by Dave Hill posted on 12/2/2004 at 7:11 PM


Take a look at this article:

possibley something useful from msn!!!!!

Shocking or what?

Comment 2 by bjorn posted on 12/2/2004 at 8:46 PM

So the Morpheus account was deactivated for violation of TOS and yet you were never informed that you were in violation of the TOS in any form?

Normally ISP will contact the violator with details in order to offer a means of settlement.

The observation that you were never contacted tells me that the 'violation of the TOS' is bogus and you've been hijacked and that if there was a violation it was the hijacker who perpetrated it.

Either way, it smells bad.

Comment 3 by sporter posted on 12/2/2004 at 8:50 PM
Comment 4 by Alex Hubner posted on 12/2/2004 at 10:09 PM

Kiss the public/free e-mail systems goodbye. Since I've faced similar problems with hotmail in 1998, I've changed to a private domain name ( and e-mail system and I'm happy since then. It's more expensive for sure, but at least is trusty and managed only by you. If the ISP is not good enouth, just change it, the domain and e-mail stays the same forever.

Just stay tunned on the f* domain hijackers.

Comment 5 by Peter Tilbrook posted on 12/3/2004 at 12:49 AM

No. I too use My.Yahoo ( and have for ages (2 or more years?).

Comment 6 by tony weeg posted on 12/3/2004 at 5:21 PM

tos = terms of service?

what terms of service did you violate? and how would that mystery person have any idea that you violated anything with yahoo???


Comment 7 by Chris posted on 12/3/2004 at 9:35 PM

My guess is that he didn't violate the TOS. The person who took over the account may have, by having hijacked the account.