So, a few days ago I posted about the issues I was having with My.Yahoo. I decided to try contacting them one more time. I was very clear in my messages to them that this was my 5th or so time, and that all I really wanted was a response. If they didn't believe me, that was fine.

Just tell me.

So, at the same time, I actually IMed the guy using the morpheus account. He tells me a friend just gave him the account. I told him it had been hacked away somehow, but obviously he didn't believe me.

Well, last night a stranger IMed me. He said the morpheus account was deactivated for violation of TOS. I guess that kinda makes sense then. What I don't get is how Yahoo couldn't take 2 seconds to drop me an email. I took the time to fax them, answer all their questions, and they can't even respond. Thanks guys.

Now if I can only find a portal as good as Does anyone have any recommendations?