Working with tabs/accordions? Want to add buttons to let the user go back and forth to different pages? You can do this by simply setting the selectedIndex on the tab/accordion. Assuming your accordion has the name accordion1, this button will send you to page 1.

<cfinput type="button" name="step2A" value="Previous" onClick="accordion1.selectedIndex=0">

Obviously if you want to go from page 3 to page 2, selectedIndex would be set to 1. You could probably rewrite this to sniff the current active page and just set it to a value one less.

In fact, I shouldn't be so lazy. Here is the "proper" version:

<cfinput type="button" name="step2A" value="Previous" onClick="accordion1.selectedIndex=accordion1.selectedIndex-1">

Obviously a "Next" button would be slightly different.