Another week, another beta from Camden, Inc...

  • I added a category editor. Yes, I know. I waited till version 3.9 before adding a simple way for folks to edit their categories. I'm insane and I apologize.
  • RSS 2.0. Straight from Steven Erat's blog.
  • Pod Casting support. You can now add an enclosure (attached file) to your blog entries. I suggest using the style Steven seems to be using - which is to create a category for pod casts, and then put your blog entries both in their main category (ColdFusion for example) and the podcast category. A download link will appear for items with enclosures, and they will show up in the RSS feed of course.
  • A few minor pages now use the TITLE attribute in the layout custom tag.
  • The "admin menu bar" now lives in the layout file.
  • Fixed a bug in the search pod.
  • The Spanish locale file is not updated yet.

You can download the beta here.