Starfish ColdFusion Profiler Updater

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It's been a while, but this morning I updated my Starfish ColdFusion Profiler project. I still consider it very beta. (Hey, Google does it, why can't I?) I finally added something that I should have had in the beginning - basic Application support. So when you view templates, CFCs, and queries now, you can filter by applications. This also applies to the PDF/Excel export. I also made the PDF a bit prettier. (A bit - they still a bit like a mix between un-masked Darth Vader and a tater-tot.)

There is also a new tab now just for application data - but it's a basic summary now (how many templates run, average times, etc.) In theory though it should give you a good idea about which applications are behaving badly.

As always - if you have comments, questions, problems, just let me know.

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