As folks know, I like to share mistakes because, I hope (pray) that I'm not the only one who makes them. I also figure if it "saves" someone from repeating it, then I've helped someone else.

So - if you subscribe to my RSS feed, this morning you may have noticed that I had a few new entires. Over 700. What did I do wrong?

I was reading Pete Freitag's entry this morning about how Google now accepts other formats for sitemaps, including RSS 2. So I whipped up a quick modification to the RSS system for BlogCFC. By default, the generateRSS method puts a limit on how many entries are returned. That limit is 15. For the site map, however, I needed to generate a list of all the entries.

So, I simply commented out the upper limit, created a new RSS file. I felt like I had covered all my bases. The generation was slow, but I cached the results so it should load up faster when refreshed. I tested it - and it worked.

All of a sudden someone on IRC let me know that my RSS feed was showing a lot of new entries. Turns out - my code that restricted the total number of RSS entries, also happened to set a default. Without a default, my main RSS feed was now showing all of the entries. This had a lovely effect on my CPU usage as well.

So, for those on my RSS feed, sorry!