So - there was this friend of mine. Let's call him "Bob." Bob really loves Model-Glue. He thinks its the bees knees. However - he ran into a weird problem this morning. He would hit Model-Glue site A, and it would work. He would hit Model-Glue site B, and it would work. (This was all on his local machine.) He would then hit A again but see the content from B!

At first he thought it was a weird Apache Rewrite error. But even after disabling the rewrites, he still go the error. Then all of a sudden something occurred to him. He turned on debugging in Model-Glue site B and noticed it showed up in A as well. He then checked the Application.cfm files - both of which he had copied from the default MG template site.

Yep - both had the exact same Application name! In Model-Glue apps, you almost never mess with the Application.cfm file. Therefore it never occurred to him to change the name of the application.

Whew - that "Bob" is certainly a bit slow...

By the way - a little birdie told me that the new version of CFLib, with CFCs and Custom Tags, is back in development again, and come Hell or high water, it will launch before summer.