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So, first off, let me be clear. The class I'm talking about below is a class from my company, roundpeg, so please don't think I'm trying to be sneaky. (I'm a bit too slow to be sneaky.) But due to my intense love for Flex 2 (I haven't felt this way since I picked up ColdFusion back in the old days), I wanted to let folks know about a class we are offering:

Flex 2.0 - Creating Rich Internet Applications at BeST (Breeze eSynchronous Training)

There are a few neat things about this class. First - it is one of the first Flex 2 classes out there. Secondly, it is over Breeze. It is in 10 sessions of 4 hours each over 10 weeks. Each session is on a Friday so it is perfect for people who are too busy to take off complete days from work.

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