Ok, another amazing episode. If this show ends I'm going to have withdrawal like a crack addict. Anyway, let's cover what happened. This was a Hurley episode, and we find out that he was put in a mental hospital. He was the cause of a deck collapse that killed two people. He goes so nuts that he actually creates an imaginary friend, Dave. Dave shows up on the island, and in a very physical way, leaving behind a slipper that Hurley can grasp.

In a big moment at the end (and I know I'm skipping around), Dave tells Hurley that everything, the island, the events, etc. are figments of his imagination. Dave says that Hurley is in a catatonic state, and to wake up, he needs to throw himself off the cliff. Before he can do so, his girlfriend, I forget her name, convinces him that she is real, and the island is real. The big shock though is that we have one final flashback and we see that she as well was in the mental hospital.

On a side note - Henry is still being questioned by the Anna and Sayed. Sayed actually pulls a gun on Henry, and here is the interesting point. Henry is so scared of "Him" that he would rather be shot then reveal information about the Others.

In another great scene with Henry, he tells Locke that nothing happened when he got to the computer and didn't enter the numbers. He made some very chilling comments. He said the island was a place that God did not see. I don't know why - but that really impacted me.

Even though Locke didn't have a lot in this episode, you could really feel for him after losing his ability to walk again. When asked if he wants a wheel chair he immediately says no, and opts for crutches instead.

We have yet another scene of Eco working on... something. I had thought maybe it was defensive works (walls, traps, etc), but now I'm not so sure.

I wonder if we are going to have another break from Lost. The commercials for Alias said, I thought, that it was starting in two weeks and I think it was the same time slot. Although the next episode, as far as I know, it's the finale for the season.