BlogCFC and Galleon updates

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I had decided to not work anymore on BlogCFC 5, but with 6 being delayed so long, I gave some love to the 5.X code base tonight. BlogCFC 5.9.003 was released tonight. Nothing major was changed, but I did switch to ColdFish, the code syntax highlighter written by Jason Delmore. This replaces the ancient code I had in there before.

Also released was an update to Galleon. This release fixes an issue related to the past security changes as well as a case sensitivity issue. (Sorry, but you will never convince me case sensitive file systems make sense. Who in the heck wants a file named foo.txt and Foo.txt??)

I also want to point out an interesting article by Ike: Porting Galleon Forums. He is porting Galleon to various frameworks and will be posting about the process.

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