Well, hopefully I'm not turning into one of those software companies that can't be trust until the first or second service pack release. I've got another update with bug fixes, but hopefully one nice new feature that will make people happy. So let's start with the "Wall of Shame" and stupid mistakes I made. In all honesty, I like to share my mistakes since I figure I'm probably not alone in making really, really, dumb errors. :)

  • The "improved" URL validation in index.cfm related to the passing in of dates. However, I included code like this, isNumeric("url.month"). Notice I used "url.month", and not url.month by itself. Obviously that string is not a number.
  • The unsubscribe logic had a bug in it that would unsubscribe everyone from the thread. This was in the unsubscribe action run when you click the unsubscribe link. As you know, or may not know, there are 2 ways to unsubscribe from a thread. If you post a new message to a thread you already subscribed to, and don't click Subscribe, you will be unsubscribed. This is a bit anal, but I'd rather err on the side of NOT sending email. This worked fine. There was also a link in the emails that went out. You could click on that link and be unsubscribed from a thread. That was broken. Thanks to John Beynon for finding that.
  • I recently added logic to "hide" entries in the future unless you are logged in. This was broken in two places - the category count and the calendar pod. This is correct now, and in general I feel the 'feature' should be perfect now. Because I just typed the word 'perfect', I'm sure 4 or 5 new bugs will crop up.
  • I've rearranded the 'comment' email a bit. I think it will be a bit cleaner.

That's it for the bugs/tweaks - now for the new feature....

In the past, if you ran BlogCFC on a server with no default mail server, you would get an error. You would have to go into the code, find the cfmail tags, and edit them. Now you can supply a mail server, username, and password in the blog.ini file. This is not required. But for those who do need these settings, it will be a heck of a lot easier to use.