I have released a new version of Canvas with some nice new updates. First off though - all of this is from my users, so props to them for helping make the product better! You can download Canvas from the project page.

  • There are a variety of CSS fixes. Thanks to Seth for finding them and big thanks to Scott Stroz for fixing them. Let me be clear - my CSS sucks and Scott stopped from going the evil "All Table" route.
  • Sam Curren added two cool new features. First, when viewing wiki page X, if there exists X.A and X.B, you will now see a subnavigation menu for those pages. He also made the title linkable so you can get back from X.A and X.B.
  • Chad Gray added a set of new rendering functions, including strikethough, subscript, and superscript. He also added support for colors, which I wasn't sure about, but since it is so easy for folks to add/remove rendering rules, I went ahead and added them in.