Today I needed to find the latest update to CFMX7. So naturally I went to, downloads, updates. Oddly enough, the only thing there was the ColdFusion MX 6.1 Updater. I then clicked on "Downloads" and went to ColdFusion MX 7 / Update. But once again I couldn't find anything.

At this point I'm thinking I must be crazy. I know there were updates to CFMX7 - including a big roll up updater. Turns out I was using the wrong word. The only thing released for CFMX7 are hot fixes.

Now, I know there is a reason behind using "Updater" and "Hot Fixes", I'm just not sure what that reason is - but shouldn't this be easier? Is thw idea that MACR doesn't think the hot fix should always be installed? If so - that does make sense I guess - but looking at the items in the cumulative hot fix 2, they seem like things that should be installed by everyone. Also, at first glance, when going to the first link above, it seems as if CFMX7 has had no updates. I'm thinking something there should mention the hot fixes.

Anyway - it's probably just me - so in case others have trouble thinking the "right way" like I do (grin), remember to check the Hot Fixes along with the updaters.