The conference hasn't even started yet (well, registration has, pre-events,etc) and we already have some news out there in the wild. First, it looks like AIR 1.5 has been released. You can get it here: You can learn more about AIR 1.5 in this DevNet article: Introducing Adobe AIR 1.5. Thanks goes to Flashthusiast for sharing the news.

Over on, they have an article on other news in regards to Flash. Probably the most interesting bit is that Thermo now has a proper name: Flash Catalyst. CoCoMo is now in public testing and Flash Media Server has a new update.

I'll be blogging from the keynote. The email I got today had this to say:

Opening General Session-Vectors of Innovation
There are three tectonic shifts in how software is developed and experienced around the world. Adobe Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Lynch, explores the three vectors of innovation through an engaging multimedia presentation, featuring guest speakers from well-known brands.

Look for my 'live blog' (basically an entry I keep updating) in a few hours. It sounds like the CF stuff will be tomorrow, but I think today will be quite interesting as well. (Just please no mobile, Adobe, I beg you! ;)