Another good episode and a minor mystery is now solved. The story involved the background of Bernard and Rose, the couple who were initially separated after the crash landing on the island. We saw how they meet and when Bernard asks Rose to marry him, she tells him that she only has a year to live.

Bernard gets her to Australia for their honeymoon, and while there, he brings her to a faith healer. Now - this is an interesting thing I noticed. The faith healer works with her for like five seconds before looking stunned, and telling Rose that he can't heal her. It's been a while, but I seem to remember the psychic who spoke to Claire having a similar reaction. It's almost as if these psychic people were picking up on the impending doom of the castaways.

Back in the present time, Bernard wants to make a SOS sign, but has trouble convincing people to help him, especially after Rose publicly dismisses the idea. Turns out - Rose knows that the island has healed her. That is the mystery I was talking about earlier. Back at the airport, she had seen Locke and knew he was in a wheelchair. She has a strong feeling that her cancer is healed as well, and doesn't want to leave the island.

So - at the same time this is going on, Jack has decided to go to the Others and demand a trade. "Henry" for their friend Michael. He and Kate head out to the "line" and wait. After waiting for many hours, all of a sudden Michael stumbles into the clearing.

Oh - someone on my blog had proposed that Eco was building a church. S/he was right. Charlie tells Bernard that he and Locke can't help with the sign since they are building a church.

In the previews for the next episode (which wont be till May, how will we survive?) we hear Michael talk about the Others. He said they were barely armed and that the cast aways could take them. Maybe the "war" that I predicted in the beginning of the season will finally come about?

Also shown during the episode is Locke trying to remember the map and draw it. He has trouble during the beginning of the episode, but after getting some fresh air, he seems recharged.