Ok, forgive the overly dramatic title. This week will be a bit slow for blogging. I'm off work and just puttering round with the wife and kids doing, well, nothing much, which is pretty fun. (Although I'm doing some fun updates to Soundings.) I have a favor to ask of my readers and I hope you guys can help.

I've got a simple survey I'd like you to fill out: 2008 Survey

It covers this blog and a few of my community sites (but not RIAForge or my OS stuff). I'm looking for feedback and what I can do better in 2009.

Now - if you are like me (and I hope to God you are not), you don't like to criticize something you get for free. It's like getting a meal from someone learning to cook. If most of the food was great but one side dish tasted like warmed over poo, you probably wouldn't say anything. Unfortunately that doesn't help the prospective chef prepare better food. (This example sounded a lot better in my head before I wrote it down.)

So with that in mind, I'd definitely appreciate the honest feedback. If you are reading this you obviously care about the blog so anything you can do to make it better will help the community out as well. (If I may be so bold to count this site as a community resource!)

Thanks. I'll have more thoughts on 2008, and 2009, as the week goes on. I'll warn folks now that most of the content this week will probably be less tech, more OT, but I'm going to make the most of this vacation!