For the past three years I've worked at Mindseye, Inc, and it has been a great place to grow and learn. However, I've felt that it was time for a change and a new path in my career.

Starting on Monday, May 15th, I'll be the VP of Technology for roundpeg, Inc. I'm very excited about this opportunity, especially since I've known the company for a good century or two (in Internet years, I used to live and work in San Mateo back in the late 90s).

I'm not moving, so you will continue to get hurricane reports from me. While this role is a purely management role, I will be continuing to develop my open source projects and will still be the crazy day to day blogger you know now. (Shoot, how else would I get the wishlist items??)

So - to be clear - going forward - nothing is changing for my readers, and if they do change, please let me know. My goal is to be the best Lost ColdFusion blogger out there. I'm not. And that's good. I want to keep looking for ways to improve and expand the services at my little media empire.

If you use my work address to email me, please use my personal address, ray at camdenfamily and a dot and a com.