I recently started frequenting a site called digg. It is a news site - a bit like slashdot, but I find the articles to be much more interesting. Today it linked to a story concerning how to get a free iTunes song. All you have to do is fill out a simple survey.

However - the reason I'm taking the time to blog about it is not that someone was pointing out how to get a free song, but how to get multiple free songs by simply using multiple email addresses and doing the survey again and again. Or in other words - cheating.

Excuse me - but when did the net get populated by four year olds? Did the poster spend one darn minute thinking that maybe this wasn't the right thing to do? I filled the survey - honestly (although I really don't know much about mechanical pencils), but will not be doing it again. One person on the link above even bragged about getting 186 free songs. Jeeze. Now that's something to be proud of. I mean, I'm sure Paper Mate has to pay for all those songs, and we all know how evil Paper Mate can be. They deserve to be ripped off for um - you know - making pens and stuff.