Hey folks, I'm writing to you from another world. A world where I somehow got eight-plus hours of sleep two days in a row. Now, previously I would have told you this was a make-believe world, but now I know the truth, it exists. (And I'll just do my best to forget the nightmare I had a bit before I work up.) With that out of the way, here are a few links to start your week.

TheJam.dev Videos #

I was privileged to speak at TheJam.dev last month, a free online conference covering the Jamstack. The sessions are slowly making their way to YouTube, and while mine isn't on there yet (I was the last session), I know it's coming soon. You can watch a good chunk of the presentations now and I've embedded the playlist below. I just bugged Brian and he let me know everything should be there by mid-week.

The State of Developer Conferences #

Speaking of Brian, I wanted to share an article he wrote about the current state of conferences, nicely titled, "The State of Developer Conferences". As someone who both speaks at and runs conferences, he has a great perspective on how things have changed since COVID.

As for myself... I just want to share what I've learned. I love to travel, and miss the fact that I don't do as much, but at the end of the day, I'll use whatever means necessary to reach folks and help. Between you and me, I've been posting more videos to YouTube lately, and while they're just short little snippets, I'm hoping it helps reach folks who prefer video content to writing.

Last up is a great post by Rhian van Esch, "Adding heading anchor links to an Eleventy site". In this post, he describes a few options by which headers defined in Markdown can automatically become anchor links. I plan on adding this to my own blog in the next few weeks. Plus, the article is a good reminder that Markdown can be modified to support new features, and unsurprisingly, Eleventy makes it easy to do so.