One of the reasons I joined IBM was because I discovered they were doing some pretty cool things. I mean, I knew IBM did cool stuff, but as a developer, I wasn't really aware of what they offered and how they could help. I know I'm supposed to say crap like this, I work here, but I can honestly say I began my job here impressed with what we offer and I continue to be really freaking excited about what I'm seeing. We're working on something interesting and we need folks to help us bring it to life.

What if you could build a mobile application that wasn't static? An app that would actually modify its behavior in an intelligent manner depending on the person who was actively using it? For example, imagine a shopping app that can recognize your location, not just the longitude and latitude, but the nature of where you are, and selectively target different products or services? As a concrete example, imagine being at a stadium and the application recognizes this and suggests sports-related items to you, but is intelligent enough to only do this if you've shown a prior interest in sports products. It is this combination of factors, not just one simple property, where true intelligence could do some pretty useful stuff.


On the flip side, the development experience is quite simple. A developer can initialize support for this service, but then let a non-technical person actually design these rules. They can decide what factors matter most (location, history, time of day, etc) and visually design the rules for how your app responds.

I know this is a bit vague, but hey, we're talking about an experiment here and this is where you can help out. If this sounds at all interesting to you, you can read more, and contact the team, at In case you're curious, both native and hybrid solutions are being considered here so mobile developers of all stripes are welcome to reach out.