Quick tips on Spry's new PagedView feature

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Here are a few quick tips if you want to use the new PagedView support in Spry (remember, this code isn't yet in the "released" version).

First - if you want to use sorting with PagedView datasets, you sort the original dateset, not the PagedView. So imagine this code:

var dsContent = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("/index.cfm?event=xml.getcontent&dd_class=#class.getID()#","content/content"); dsContent.setColumnType("DOWNLOADS","number");

var pvContent = new Spry.Data.PagedView(dsContent, { pageSize: 5 });

I was doing my sort like so:

<th onclick="pvContent.sort('DOWNLOADS','toggle')">DOWNLOADS</th>

But the proper way is to sort the original dataset:

<th onclick="dsContent.sort('DOWNLOADS','toggle')">DOWNLOADS</th>

Secondly, Kin Blas (One of the Spry Guys), posted a quick fix to the Spry forums. Add this line of code to the bottom of SpryPagedView.js:

Spry.Data.PagedView.prototype.onPostSort = Spry.Data.PagedView.prototype.onDataChanged;

So - next on my plate is a demo that shows how to use paging both client side and server side. In other words, Spry will grab a portion (like 100 rows) of the total (lets go crazy and say one million rows total) and then let you page over "pages of pages" I suppose we can say.

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