So two random bits related to the movies. This past weekend my wife and I saw The Da Vinci Code. I thought it was ok. Fun, but not great. My wife had read the book and said it was pretty faithful. While I don't think I'll see it again, I do think I'll read the book. After seeing the film, I'm pretty surprised at the controversy. I mean, the "radical" points were all pointed out as being radical. Look at all the films out there that involve secret government conspiracies. No one is calling them un-American, so as a Catholic, I don't see how this could be offensive.

So I was pretty surprised, and happy to hear, that such stupidity is not limited to Americans. It looks like India is so scared about the movie they are going to run a warning before and after the movie is played.

So to be clear - India's censor board feels that the average Indian movie goer is too stupid that they cannot separate a movie from reality. Seriously. I mean - how else can you view it? If I were the movie studio, I'd use this as a warning:

Warning: This movie is fiction. You may be surprised to learn that movies aren't real. Neither is Santa Claus. If this is truly news to you, please return your ticket stub to the Management as you are truly too stupid for us to take your money.

I was offended by something at the movie - but it had nothing to do with the movie itself. I've gotten used to paying a fortune for popcorn and soda. It's almost a joke now. I even got used to a commercial before the movie. What I wasn't prepared for was 8-10 commercials. I'm not kidding. The commercials before the movie were approximately three times as long as a normal commercial break on free tv. Of course, I paid for a movie so maybe I'm a bit sensitive.

I was in shock. I simply could not believe how many commercials they put before the movie. I'm a very polite and reserved person by nature - but I was very close to yelling something out. Fortune has an article about attempts by the movie theater industry to help "ritz up" the movie going experience, but it seems like these guys are missing some very obvious places for improvement.

I truly do enjoy the movie going experience since it is quite different from watching a show at home or on your PC. The trailer for Oliver Stone's new flick, World Trade Center, was much more powerful on a large screen compared to my laptop.