The title says it all. I am very proud to announce that Yahoo has launched the ColdFusion Developer Center with tips and articles on how to use various Yahoo services with the One True Programming Language (sorry, couldn't resist). I bugged Yahoo about this and when they finally came back to me and asked me to write it up - I'm the one who didn't have time. So any delay in this launching was all my fault - but I'm just glad it is finally there! Yahoo has a blog entry on it as well, so please show your thanks there and let them know you appreciate it.

I said it earlier this year. This is the year we make the world know our language. I don't need everyone to like ColdFusion - but I want the world to know our name. I want them to respect us. (I know I can say I respect .Net and PHP!) And this is the last gosh darn year I want to see "ColdFusion is dead". If I sound a bit fanatical, well, I probably am. But this is my crusade this year, and I know I've got lots of help!