I've always liked Beck, but didn't really consider myself a real fan. I had one of his CDs - I generally found myself liking his music. I was listening to WOXY (more on that in a bit) last week when I heard his new single, E-pro, and was just floored. This is just an amazing single. I've also taken the time to listen to more of his music and I'm just having a hard time understanding why I haven't paid more attention.

So WOXY - I hate radio. I despise radio. Whenever I hear a DJ I want to curl up into a ball and die. I love music. I haven't taken the satellite radio plunge yet. Mainly I've been turning on my MP3 collection and just hitting Play with shuffle turned on. Every now and then I'll listen to net based radio. About two weeks ago I discovered www.woxy.com. This is an alternative station with a great mix of genres and music. I highly recommend it.

Which brings me to another old rant. (I'm getting old now - forgive me.) Something else I hate - applications that steal focus. In general, WOXY has worked just fine for me. Today it had connection problems.

Now, even though I'm coding Really Important Stuff, and writing Really Important Emails, iTunes feels it is necessary to pop open a warning and let me know that the network connection is being rebuffered. Because it's just sooo important! I wish applications would mind their own business. The only time I want an application to steal focus is if it somehow is tired to a national defense system and wants to alert that a) a giant asteroid is heading our way and b) Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck (don't ask me to spell check that) are too busy to save us.