Just a quick note to remind folks of the crusade Adam Cameron and I kicked off a few months ago - ColdFusion UI - The Right Way.

The idea was to help ColdFusion developers work with client-side technologies while avoiding the built-in tools like cfgrid, cfwindow, and the epic cfpod. As I said back when I originally wrote about the project, we wanted to give folks an alternative as opposed to just saying, "Don't do it!".

I want to publicly thank Dave White, who has contributed pull requests for cftextarea, cfgrid, cfpresentation, cfmediaplayer, cfmessagebox, cftree, cfselect, cftable, cfinput-autosuggest, cfslider, cfcalendar, and cfmenu. My god - I knew he helped a lot, but I honestly didn't know he did all that. Check out the history of pull requests to see!

Of course, others have helped as well, and you can help too. You don't have to submit a pull request. You can help by just spreading the word. Have a coworker who is using cfwindow? "Gently" introduce him or her to the project. Have a friend using cfpod? Stop being their friend. (Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh.) Educating others can go a long way to improving everyone's code!