Lighthouse Pro 2.5 Out the Door (Kuler, YouTube News too...)

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I'm happy to announce that Lighthouse Pro 2.5 has finally been published to RIAForge. It was down a few weeks ago, but as work ramped up and additional fixes/mods came in I kept delaying the release. I described the updates in an earlier blog entry so I won't go into it again, but this is a pretty big update. Note - I have not updated the Subversion repo yet. Sorry! I also forgot to note in the installation instructions that you must install ColdSpring. I'll get those updates sometime this weekend.

I had released a Kuler CFC months ago, but I received notice that the API was updating and would soon require an API key. I've updated and released my CFC to RIAForge. It adds a bit of functionality that was missing and now supports using an API key (that you provide).

I've had a few people ping me about the YouTubeCFC and the upload method. The issue with uploading is actually due to a small bug in ColdFusion. A hot fix is being prepared for this particular bug. I was told it would be released soon. When it is, I'll release my updated YouTubeCFC (I've made other corrections/updates as well).

Happy Friday. These releases are officially titled the "Zoid Is Old" release build. Happy Birthday Zoid!

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