As it's 2AM and I've gotten back from seeing Iron Man, I'll keep this short and sweet. The movie was absolutely wonderful. I don't profess to be an Iron Man comic book expert, but from what I do know of the history, Robert Downey Jr. nailed him perfectly. The "playboy turned hero" thing was done very well and the CGI for Iron Man himself was great. Definitely worth seeing. I have to say - after all the good comic book movies lately I'm considering going back to my local comic book shop and opening up an account again. Back when I was a kid I used to read Star Wars and X-Men, a bit of of New X-men, but that was it. I got into Sandman and other Veritgo lines in college, but when Sandman ended, I kind of gave up. I picked up a (ahem) "appropriated digital" copy of the Ultimates, and I'm really beginning to dig Marvel again.