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Well, I've been alluding to this now for a few months, but I've finally pulled the plug on the old site and migrated everything over to a set of flat files with Hugo powering the generation. I'm using Surge for hosting and will be upgrading to the paid plan (all of 10 bucks) as soon as possible.

I already blogged about the process a few days ago, so I don't have anything to add to it, but I can say that - as always - my concern is to ensure that folks can come here to learn new things, talk about technology (and kittens!), and find value in this site as a whole.

As far as I know, everything should have migrated over except for my old blog attachments. I had about 800 megs, yes, 800 megs, of attachments associated with blog posts, and frankly, most of those were a minimum of two years old or older. So for now, I'm not shipping any of them, but on a case by case basis will restore them - most likely to my Amazon S3 bucket.

I want to be clear that I think WordPress is a damn fine platform, but I don't want to worry about my server going down due to some misconfiguration or XML-RPC hack. I'm also extremely impressed with Google's Cloud Platform technology. I found it easier than Amazon's and in general, it just plain worked well. My costs were never too high (around 20-25 bucks per month or so) and everything pretty much worked as it should.

If you do run into anything weird, just drop me a comment below.

And in case you're curious, my first site, before even the blog, looked like this:


Don't even ask me what I was thinking about when I chose those colors.

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