I've got a Google Alert set up for my name for purely ego purposes. Normally it just finds my own blog posts. Today though it found something odd:

Adobe - Uploads by Raymond Camden

This is a listing of all the stuff I uploaded to Dev Exchange. I used to use that site quite heavily back in the Allaire days, but when it they added a Flash front end to it (and it slowed down tremendously) I stopped using it - both as a submitter and a browser.

It's funny though to see all the old tags I did, especially all the Spectra ones. Some of my favorite oldies:

  • cf_style - The idea here was that you could wrap text with this custom tag, and it would spit out CSS for browsers that supported it or font tags for older browsers.
  • cf_perl - Let's you wrap Perl code in ColdFUsion and have it executed. The output was displayed on screen. Why did I build this? Because.
  • cf_translate - Oddly this was not on the list. It let you wrap text like so:Hi, I like Paris Hilton. The output would be the translated version of the text inside the custom tag. It used the Babelfish service. If this actually still worked I'd be be shocked.