I'll be giving two presentations this year at Scotch on the Rocks (volcano permitting) and while my first presentation (on extensions in ColdFusion Builder) is a somewhat traditional one, I wanted to make sure folks attending my second presentation (with the incredibly long title of "AJAX is the answer to everything and we never need to worry again and life is full of unicorns!") understood what I had in mind.

I've been doing AJAX development now for a few years. I'm loving it. It feels like the JavaScript platform I enjoyed using back in 97 or so is finally safe to use across all browsers and platforms and it actually... well works. However, it isn't a silver bullet. I've run into multiple situations where I've had significant difficulties/problems I've had to overcome - the kind of things you typically don't see in blog posts. For example - I love how simple a related select is - but try to add defaults (for both) and suddenly you have a non-trivial problem.

I plan on bringing examples (and stories) on this topic, and the idea is that others in the session should do the same. I want to talk about these problems and the strategies folks have used to handle them. So less "slide+code" and more round table. I hope this makes sense and I also hope folks find it useful. If no one shows up, I'm spending the hour talking about Lost and Fringe.