Good morning readers! I'm writing this in a hotel room in Tuscaloosa where my wife and I are visiting our son. He was presented with a significant award a few nights ago (the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award) and we stayed up a few extra days. We're about to head back to Louisiana so I thought I'd share a few quick links with folks. Have a great Sunday.

Taking Eleventy into the Spiderverse with eleventy-fetch #

Here's a great post by Jeff Sikes where he describes how he made use of the Marvel API in an Eleventy site. That's mixing two of my favorite things, Marvel and Eleventy! I really wish Marvel would continue working on their API. The last update was nearly a decade ago, but on the other hand, I'm happy they just didn't shut it down.

Eleventy Collection Schemas #

Yet another awesome Eleventy tip from Stephanie Eckles, this post documents an Eleventy plugin for enforcing your frontmatter setup in Eleventy collections. This is really a good idea since Eleventy gives you complete freedom over your frontmatter, being able to enforce certain rules in your site will help prevent issues in your site. Heck, I made a mistake with my frontmatter a few weeks ago and this would have really helped!

Frontend Development Projects with Vue 3 - Second Edition #

About a year or so ago I was involved in the writing of a Vue 2 book for Packt, and now that book has been updated for Vue 3 by myself and Maya Shavin. I have to say - I've been kinda... not again... but not terribly excited about Vue lately. That being said, having used Vue 3 (obviously) for working on this book, I'm feeling somewhat better about it. I still don't think Vue is going to be my framework of choice going forward, I really prefer Alpine, but for any "application", I'd definitely build it in Vue 3.

You can get the book from Packt here,, or if you buy from Amazon here I'll get an Amazon Associates kickback. Either way, check it out and let me know what you think.