Recorded version of my MAX ColdFusion ORM Presentation

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As has been Twittered around this morning, the MAX sessions are now coming online. Even if you didn't actually buy a ticket for MAX, you can watch all the sessions (just sessions, no labs) online for free at Adobe TV.

You can find my ORM session (not quite sure if they have both the Monday and Tuesday one - I think Monday went a bit better) here:

You can download the code and slides themselves from the version I uploaded to SlideSix. I'd normally just embed that version below, but I'm having issues getting SlideSix to remember the recorded URL for my presentation.

If anyone has any questions about the code, please let me know. I'm going to do a blog entry that looks over the deeper examples from the presentation that I didn't have time to cover. Also - and I'd like some feedback on this - I was considering updating my long Transfer series. I think it could be cool to a 'entry to entry' update with ColdFusion 9.

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