I have to admit that I'm kind of a - dare I say - diva - when it comes to forms. I prefer to type them out and do all the validation by hand. In the past I've written form 'helpers' to handle generating and validating forms (*), but I haven't done that for quite some time. I feel like I've written a few million forms in my life time, and I'm sure I'll write a few million more.

This week a coworker introduced me to WuFoo. WuFoo is an online form service. As you can guess, it lets you build forms and host them on their server. It handles storing and processing all the results.

What is truly slick is how they handle all the editing. Everything is drag drop, so to add a form field you simply drag over the type of form field you need. You can then double click on the field to edit the label, set requirement status, etc.

It has a slick reporting UI as well. I can build a form with a radio button and design a form that uses a pie chart to display the results.

When would I use this? Probably never as I know I can whip out a quick form in a few seconds. But for folks who don't have access to Me (I'm not cheap ;) or may not even have a web site, this is sweet service.

Feel free to play with the form I created.