The Spry guys have left us a little Christmas preset - new demos and a new feature, the PagedView class. From the description:

This sample shows you how to use the Spry.Data.PagedView class to control the paging of data in a data set. The PagedView class is a special type of data set that listens to another data set and knows how to extract data out of the other data set whenever it changes. Because it is a data set, you use it within spry:regions to present a paged view of the data. There are special methods on the PagedView class that allow you to jump to random pages, or display a page that contains a specific row of data. Because the PagedView extracts its data from the data set it depends on, the ds_RowID value for each row in the PagedView is identical to the ds_RowID of the corresponding row in the data set it depends on.

Cool stuff. Along with this are new demos and examples of stuff from the 1.4 release. More information may be found here.