Welcome to the last links I'll share ever... in 2023. As I said when I started this series, my goal was to share cool and interesting stuff with my readers, and I think it's been a great success so far. Plus, when I get excited about something, I just love to share it. I hope the holidays treat you well. They can be incredibly wonderful, and incredibly stressful at the same time. I've been struggling with some crippling anxiety the last few days, and this is despite having most everything locked down and prepared for Christmas. (Mostly thanks to my super-organized wife.) I'm doing my best to relax and work on that, but I just want you to know (well mostly me, yes I'm talking to myself), its all going to work out just fine.

Whew. Ok, enough of that, let's get to the links!

Build a Livestreaming App using Amazon IVS #

Amazon IVS (Interactive Video Service) is an incredibly powerful platform that lets you, basically, rebuild your own Twitch. As powerful and complex as it is, it really isn't that difficult to get started. To make that process even easier, my good friend and IVS developer advocate Todd Sharp released a free playlist on YouTube that will help you get started:

This is - I kid you not - thirty videos of content, for free, that you can start watching today. I have not yet started this series, but it's on my list to begin in January. As an added bonus, Todd is an incredibly gifted presenter and educator, so you'll be learning from the best.

MySQL Shorts #

It's possible I shared this before, but speaking of good friends sharing good videos, my other best friend Scott Stroz has been posting short tutorials on MySQL called MySQL Shorts. I've watched many of them, but didn't realize he had over fifty different videos. Also, these videos are a great way to be reminded how powerful SQL is and how powerful MySQL is. Check out the playlist below:

Learn CSS Grid #

I've shared content from Josh Comeau before. Last time, I was blown away by the interactive visualizations he included with his content. Well, he's done it again, with a guide to CSS grid that truly makes it easy to understand. CSS Grid is powerful, but honestly it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Josh's guide really helped with that. I'll be honest and say it's still not 'stuck' in my head, but I've got this guide bookmarked and I've already used it a few times.

Merry Christmas #

A cat with a sign reading Merry Christmas