I've been hinting around about this for the past few days on Twitter, but I'm finally able to make it public. As of July 11th I'll be joining Adobe as an Evangelist. My primary focus will be on Flex, AIR and Flash Builder but I'll also continue to talk about jQuery Mobile as well. Obviously I've got some interest in ColdFusion so you can expect to still see me speaking/blogging ColdFusion topics as well. (And this is one evangelist who will never use PHP for his demos thank you very much.) This is the most excited I've been in the past decade. I've made my support for Adobe and their tools very clear here and to anyone who would ask. I love what they are doing and how they are doing it. I love sharing that with others most of all. There's something absolutely magical about showing people technology and I now I get to do that as a full time job. I feel like I've been given a dream job. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work - and I still have a lot to learn myself.

I've had a great place of employment over the last year and a half. FirstComp is a wonderful organization with some incredibly smart folks (and crazy ... in a good way... mostly ;) I'll miss them and wish them the best of luck.