Speaking Engagements in January

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Just an FYI - if you want to catch me live (or virtual in some cases), here is where, and what, I'll be speaking on this month.

  • Next week I'll be in Sandusky, Ohio to speak at CodeMash. I'm doing a 4 hour presentation/lab on PhoneGap.
  • On January 15th, myself and other Adobe Evangelists will be hosting an online version of the Create the Web tour. Details may be found here.
  • On January 16th I'm presenting to IndyFusion, the Adobe User Group for Indianapolis. This will be a Connect meeting where I'm giving an overview of ColdFusion 10. (As with all my Connect to User Group meetings, I may, or may not, share the Connect URL. It depends on the group and if it makes sense.)
  • On January 17th I'll be doing another open PhoneGap session with Andrew Trice. This is also part of the new TechLive site. Details may be found here.
  • On January 23rd, again via the TechLive site, I'm giving my presentation on HTML5 Storage techniques. Details may be found here.
  • Finally, I'll be traveling to San Francisco for Mobile+Web DevCon. This is held January 29th through 31st. I'm giving a 3 hour session on JavaScript development (Designers Can't Do JavaScript!) and a one hour session on IndexedDB.
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