On the desktop I use TweetDeck for my Twitter client, and while it has a few things that bug me about it I've yet to find a better application. (My favorite feature is the one where I mouse over a tweet to click a link and the app decides to scroll a millisecond before I click. Yeah, I love that.) On mobile, however, TweetDeck was always flaky for me. When it got to the point where I was forcibly shutting it down once a day I decided to look for something else.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the client from Twitter was pretty darn good. It was simpler, had a clean interface, and quickly became my default mobile client. I use it on my iPad, my HTC phone, and my Nexus 7. Recently though I ran into a weird issue. On the Android platform I wasn't able to find a way to edit the Notification settings for the client. It is very clear in iOS but for the life of me I couldn't see a way to do so on Android. I finally figured it out and thought I'd share with others. Hopefully I'm not alone in being a bit confused by the UX choices they took for this one particular feature.

Ok, so here is the default screen you see on starting the application up.

Right away I want to point something out. Even getting to the settings is a bit weird. On the screen shot above you clearly see a menu icon at the bottom. (Well, we could argue how clear 3 dots is for implying 'menu'.) On my Nexus 7 there is no such icon. So the next few steps apply only to the tablet (but work just as fine on the phone).

Click Me in the upper tab.

Now you can see a Settings link. Click that to go here...

If you're like me, a bit slow, this is where you get stuck. Scrolling up and down here I saw no options for Notifications. I pretty much gave up. And then... and I don't know why... I clicked on my name...

Note that there is absolutely no hint here that my name is clickable. No little arrow to the right. Nothing. But when I clicked... tada... it went into another settings menu.

Notice that "Notifications" has no visual indicator either. But at this point I had a good idea what would happen when I clicked it...

And that's it. I will point out that most of the options here are not simple toggles, even though there is a check mark. Nope - some of these guys lead to more complex menus:

I suppose that is kind of cool, but I wish they would also support an option to show me RTs by folks I don't follow.