Out next week

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Tomorrow morning I fly up to MAX, so the blogging will be a bit light. Heh, just kidding. I actually plan to blog the heck out of it. As much as the wireless access will let me - I'll be blogging anything I can - so if you can't go - be sure to read my reviews. (Along with everyone else blogging as well. There will be a bunch of us.)

Since I'll be a bit busy next week - if you send me email it may take me extra long to respond. Please note that none of my applications have bugs while MAX is in session. My applications are flawless and run so fast they complete in negative time. Once MAX is done they will revert to their normally buggy status.

Speaking of my applications - I have a very minor BlogCFC update I'm going to try to get out the door tonight. After that I have the huge Canvas update to roll out that I've been talking about over the past few weeks. And of course I'm still upgrading RIAForge almost every day.

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