Today was kind of a bad day. For some reason all of my projects all seemed to be in "pause" mode so my earnings took a dip. But having down time meant I could finally get around to packing up some code and releasing up on RIAForge. In no particular order, here is what is new:

  • SpoolMail: Sam Farmer wrote an update to SpoolMail to help it understand multi-part emails better. For folks who may not know - SpoolMail is a ColdFusion Administrator extension that allows you to read emails generated by ColdFusion. This is useful when working on a development server that doesn't have a connection to a real mail server.
  • Share CFC: This is the wrapper I built for the Adobe Share service. No docs or included, and the Move operation is still a bit wonky, but I think it's ready for prime time, and real use, so check it out and let me know what you think.
  • Seeker: And finally - Seeker. I've been playing around with a ColdFusion based interface to Lucene for a month or so now. Today I wrapped up support for dynamic indexes. By that I mean you can pass in a query and my code will index it. I still think the code is rather... rough... and like Share, no docs are included, but query support was the last major feature for a proper "version 0" type release. I love Verity - but now that I'm on a Mac and can't run it - I really want to get this project moving forward. So please download it and let me know. (Just be gentle.) 10 points to the first person who correctly identifies the meaning of "seeker" as a name.