For years now I've struggled with the knowledge that while I have some small amount of skill for ColdFusion, my true expertise, and passion, was elsewhere. I've kept this a secret for as long as possible, but I decided that I cannot spend another day living a lie. My true passion, no, my calling, has always been singing.

For several years now I've performed with a Duran Duran covertribute band called Shadow Rose Alpha One. We've toured the country giving concerts and spreading the musical awesomeness that can only be conveyed by the greatness of Duran Duran's material.

One night - in a cosmic collusion of blissful synchronicity, Simon Le Bon himself was present during our concert. Our band had just wrapped up with a Caribbean-styled version of The Chauffeur and had retuned back stage. Le Bon personally asked me (perhaps one could say "beg") if I would join the band in their new tour in the fall of 2010. I graciously accepted the offer.

While my time as a ColdFusion developer, blogger, and speaker, has come to an end, I hope people can come to accept my decision and come to appreciate the choice I've made.

p.s. Thanks to Nick Hill for the Photoshop working. My Photoshop skills are only slightly worse than my real singing ability.